Smithey Ironware Company - Leather Skillet Sleeve - Standard + Extended
Smithey Ironware Company - Leather Skillet Sleeve - Standard + Extended
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Smithey Ironware Company - Leather Skillet Sleeve - Standard + Extended

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Handcrafted and branded with the Smithey logo over high-grade oil-tanned leather, this skillet sleeve is one of our favorite tools. Available in two sizes, the standard fit slides perfectly over the handle of the No. 10 and No. 12 while the extended fit is designed to give more protection on our No. 8 Chef Skillet handle. Like cast iron, these sleeves get better with time and use.
  • Standard - 4.5” x 2” (Fits 10" & 12" Traditional Skillets)
  • Extended - 6” x 2” (Fits 8” & 10” Chef Skillets + 11" Deep + 12" Flat Top )
  • Oil-Tanned Leather, Double-Layered
  • Kevlar Heat Resistant Thread


SMITHEY IRONWARE BRAND: We polish our interior to a satin-like finish making our cook surface easy to clean and naturally non-stick. Designed and crafted by a team of passionate folks on an old Naval Base in Charleston, SC. We craft cookware intended to be used daily for generations and become a true heirloom in your family’s kitchen.

Smithey Ironware is a backyard story. Founder, Isaac Morton, hatched the idea for Smithey while tinkering around his woodshed admiring the smooth surfaces and timeless logos design of vintage ironware. Here, he developed expertise in restoring beautiful old cookware pieces, which he would then gift to friends and family.

After years of studying collector’s books and bird-dogging rusty old pieces to restore to their 1890s 19th-century glory, the prospect of creating something new piqued his curiosity. Creating and sharing a cast iron cookware line that honored the classic style of vintage pieces, but also harnessed modern technology and processes, just felt like a good idea. And from that idea – that a lost art might be restored into a modern icon - Smithey Ironware was born.


Forged by happenstance, Smithey partnered with renowned Charleston blacksmith (and Naval base neighbor) Robert Thomas in late 2018 to expand into carbon steel cookware. Each piece of the farmhouse collection is individually hand-forged and visually unique while sharing core design features true to the Smithey name. The resulting cookware is as beautiful as it is functional.


We are proud of what we make. We design and craft our cookware in the USA, and our talented team of craftsmen and women individually inspects every Smithey multiple times throughout the manufacturing process. We guarantee the quality of every Smithey for life. We intend for your Smithey to become a cherished possession, and we are here to support you in your cooking journey. From the kitchen to the campfire. Use it well.


I started Smithey with some simple thoughts about what constitutes a piece of premium cast iron cookware. Surface smoothness, weight, wall angle, handles, and pour-spout dimensions dance around in my noggin more than I care to admit. These elements (and more) are important for you to enjoy a first-rate piece of cookware. But our work at Smithey is much more than the ideas and dreams of one person.

Your cookware is made by a team of designers, engineers, foodies, foundrymen, metal grinders, craftsmen, and seasoners, moving in step, with a passion and commitment to make amazing cookware. This cast of characters delights in making premium cast iron and carbon steel cookware that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy and rely on for generations.

We only ask that you use your Smithey to create meals and memories of your own. Don’t let your Smithey dither in a cupboard. Proudly display it on your stovetop. Put it to work! Don’t allow convention to keep you from new dishes. We are sure that you’ll be happy with the results. And when it’s time to pass your Smithey to the next generation, you’ll be all the wiser.

Enjoy and use It Well!

Founder, Smithey Ironware Company