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Pretty Rugged The Rowling Faux Fur Wine Tote - White

Pretty Rugged The Rowling Faux Fur Wine Tote - White

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Step up your beverage game with Pretty Rugged's Wine Tote. Featuring our luxurious faux fur in ten custom colors, lined with our waterproof RuggedTex technology. A beautiful and fun addition to any table or bar and the best hostess gift you can give.

  • Web Straps
  • Spot Clean
  • RuggedTex™ Purple Lining
  • Spot clean with delicate wash, air dry.

Pretty Rugged products are the definition of liveable luxury. It’s modern, easy-care materials, designed to provide years of luxury, performance and style.

Oprah Winfrey's Favorite Thing’s List


The best ideas often come from a need and from drawing upon the past, and this is exactly the case for Tracy Slocum’s company, Pretty Rugged. 

Tracy’s favorite activity has always been boating on Lake George, however, the chilly mornings and evenings coupled with mixed weather left her and her family cold and wet. After months of looking for a blanket that was both beautiful and functional, it became clear that it didn't exist. So, Tracy decided to make one. 

She drew inspiration from her great-great grandfather, Captain Joshua Slocum, who wrapped himself in fur to withstand inclement weather when he was the first person to sail around the world alone in the late 1800s.


What is RuggedTex™?

Our Original and Lap Blankets and Faux Fur pieces feature our RuggedTex™ technology or simply put, our waterproof backing. This special nylon backing features our proprietary technology that creates a completely waterproof barrier. Water runs right off of it making it perfect for any situation that's wet or rainy. 

What is SatinTex™?

Our TS Luxe collection, outerwear and accessories feature our SatinTex™ technology - the first and only company to make waterproof satin. Our satin is soft and buttery, making it the perfect fabric for outerwear and the couch.

Why do I need a waterproof blanket?

If you’ve ever sat outside somewhere and been cold and wet, then you get it! Think of that sporting event, boat ride, or a moment by your firepit when you wished you had a blanket with both warmth and function.

Our Founder couldn’t find that blanket anywhere, so she created one to keep you warm and dry; so, you can enjoy your time outdoors with the ones you love, the way you should! Luxury, redesigned.

And inside, have you ever sat on the couch and spilled water, 

wine or coffee on your blanket? Our TS Luxe Blanket with SatinTex™ technology has you covered. 

Made for life's little accidents

Our proprietary RuggedTex™ backing makes up the 'rugged' in Pretty Rugged. It's 100% waterproof to prevent life's little accidents from affecting you - whether it's spilled coffee, a wet seat, or rain, our RuggedTex™ wipes clean and keeps you dry. Our TS Luxe collection features our waterproof SatinTex™ backing, perfect for indoors.