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LOVEvolve Raw Silk Small Scarf - Lavender

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38" x 38" inches with fringed edges, 

Original artwork by Sunny Goode
Fair Trade fabrics
Inks are Azo-free
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Oeko-Tex is certified
Free from harmful chemicals
Safe for human use with zero waste

Dry clean only

We believe LOVE is the most powerful force for positive change in the universe. By sharing LOVE through our actions, products, and partnerships, we strive to build healthier families, safer relationships, and stronger communities.

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LOVEvolve Brand: Art Therapy → Placed on Textiles → Became our Mission

Science tells us words can change the brain permanently. This means by simply and consistently displaying love, we can build a more loving world.

Our LovEvolve Love Swaddle® Mission seeks to wrap every baby in a Love Swaddle blanket from the moment of birth and to provide new parents and families with Fourth Trimester support and relationship resources.

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LOVEVOLVE® artwork copyrighted by Sunny Stack Goode